Out with the Leadership Board, in with the Youth Board.

Our Youth Board is made up of super sixth-formers who take the reigns for two days and tell us how they want things to be done.

This isn’t a normal opportunity. We completely spin the tables around and you’ll be the ones presenting to and influencing us.

Our previous Youth Board inspired us to rebrand the company using cool local artwork. You only need to step near our Head Office to see the result. The work of local artists lines our walls and vans alike.

Together, we’ll take a closer look at the challenges of both today and tomorrow. You’ll interrogate our senior leaders, and then it’s over to you. That’s right. It’s your chance to sit up and influence a service that touches over a million of us! Including your friends and family if they live in the region, anyway.

The Youth Board takes place over 2 days:

Day 1

This is where your detective work starts. You’ll meet the most senior members of Bristol Water and learn about the biggest and most pressing challenges – things like the way we might communicate in the future, and the environmental challenges of tomorrow like making sure there’s enough water to go around.

Day 2

It’s over to you. You’ll use your detective experience from day one to pull together a presentation in groups, using your own insight and ideas. You’ll pitch to us your thoughts and ideas and influence the way we do things.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll receive £100, have something impressive to put on your CV and UCAS application, as well as learning more about the world of work, influencing and presenting, and coming into contact with senior leaders.

What are we looking for?

Ambitious sixth-formers from Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire who aren’t afraid to push themselves to think strategically and present in front of leaders!

How do I apply?

Applications are currently closed, and will open in the early spring 2021.

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