La la lakeside

Oh I do like to be beside the…. La La Lakeside! Learn about wildlife and staying safe at the lakes.

La La Lakeside looks at how we can stay safe at reservoirs and the wildlife you can find at the lakes! Download the resources from the left hand tab. For KS2, use the guides to think about invertebrates and vertebrates.

Lakeside safety
Lakeside Comic Strip

Our reservoirs are so beautiful, aren’t they!? But we’ve carefully designed them. In fact, they’re actually big machines which hold water ready to be treated. It’s really important that we don’t swim in them. Squidge N Snap illustrate why with Prof H20!

Butterfly worksheet

Learn about some of our glorious butterflies.

Butterfly worksheet
Wildlife guides
La La Lakeside: Dragonfly Decoder

Places like Chew Valley Lake and Cheddar Reservior are popular indeed with wildlife! Why not download our dragonfly, bird, or butterfly guide for your visit!

For KS2

So why not take the guides out to the lakeside! Use it to consider whether any of the animals and insects are invertebrates or vertebrates.

Vertebrates: have a backbone, like us humans and other mammals

Invertebrates: don’t have a backbone, like worms

Clue: only one of our guides are on vertebrates.

Are you a budding bird watcher? Head over to Chew Valley Bird site for a full list of wildlife. (External link)

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