Nature’s super drink

Everything on earth needs water! Whether it’s a kitten, potato, human or shark. It’s nature’s super drink.

Nature’s Super Drink is designed for KS2 and maps onto the science curriculum for hydration.

How much should we drink? 🚰

Natures Super Drink Hydration Worksheet
Why we need water nature's super drink worksheet

Is the glass half full or empty? We like to think it’s half full as that way you’re thinking about the water!

We should be drinking at least 1.2 litres of water a day – that’s about 6 – 8 glasses of the wet stuff a day.

Tap water is actually nature’s super hero. Staying hydrated helps you to…

  • Concentrate – so you’ll do even better at school!
  • Flush away nasty toxins
  • Control your temperature (sweat is useful after all!)
  • Transport vital goodness (i.e., nutrients) around your body
  • Clear your complexion… And that’s just to name a few!

But tap water has some extra super powers: it’s nature’s super drink for a reason

Trust us, it’s the best thing you can drink. Ever. Of all time. It’s much better than anything you’ll find on the shelf:

  • It contains no sugar
  • It creates no plastic waste – head to Save the Sea for more on this
  • It has a smaller environment footprint than any other drink
  • There’s no calories
  • It won’t rot your teeth
  • It’s the cheapest drink in the UK. It’s less than 0.01p a glass in fact

Even celery needs nature’s super drink!

Celery is more water than celery. It’s 95% water! By watching this cool experiment below, you can get an idea of how plants absorb water, and you can have a go at it yourself by using the experiment card on the left hand tab.

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