Time travel

Behold and welcome to our water time travel! Our 1845 founders greet you warmly.

This section lightly maps onto KS2. It gives time travels through the Victorian’s and world wars’ in the context of the westcountry! They’re great for adults, too.

Grubby Victorians!

Time Travel: grubby victorians

Talk about time travel, did you know, beer was safer to drink than the tap water in the Victorian times! The relation between dirty water and icky disease also happened right here in Bristol!

We were founded by William Budd. He actually beat Brunel (the suspension bridge dude) to developing the cities water supply! This is because Budd wanted water to be accessible for all. Not just those in the fancy rich bits.

Bristol Water is now nearly 175 years old. In that time, there’s been wars, Cholera outbreaks, new reservoirs and a new beating heart of Bristol – the water pipes.

War days!

Time Travel: war years

Marvellous Modern days


Water economics

More designed for adults, we’ve worked with our economic regulator, Ofwat, to explain a little more on water regulation!

Economics of water with Ofwat worksheet

Well. You have a lot of history to learn so we’ll let you tuck in.

Are you done? Well don’t let time slip away! This is time travel, after all. Head back to the main learning page

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