Top water saving tips

Saving water is easy peasy – especially with our top water saving tips to help you get there!

Before we get started, why is it that we should save water? Besides a cheaper water bill head to our Mighty but Limited module to learn how you can help the environment – wahoo!

Around the world challenge

Top water saving tips: around the world challenge
Top water saving tips: world map

Ahoy world travellers, can you walk the water talk and live on the same water as other countries around the world for each day of the week?

If so, download our Water Around the World challenge! Each day, you’ll live on a different amount of water, depending on what an average resident of that country uses. Best brush up on our top water saving tips then!

If you complete, email your results to us ( for a special certificate emailed to you!

And if the water use of different countries shocks you, head over to WaterAid (external link) to find out more.

Top tip 1: take an army shower 🚿

Navy Shower Top Water Saving Tips Worksheet

Hello Sargent! Shower like a navy officer. Stop splashing around – turn that shower off and lather up! Download our resource on the left hand side to learn how to take your shower length down to just 2 minutes tops.

Don’t beleive this is a real thing? Here from some American Sargents yourself! –

Top tip 2: rainwater is free water


So, you should get a water butt, and if you don’t have one, make your own with our experiment sheet on our left resources tab! Use rainwater on your house plants in winter and outdoors in summer.

Top tip 3: rewear your jeans 👖 

If they’re clean that is! This means your parents can do the washing less.

Top tip 4: nag your parents about washing machines, dishwashers, shower heads and loos!

Top water saving tips worksheet

And a disclaimer that this isn’t what normal kids do, but you’re not a normal kid – you’re very special indeed. Yes, you care about the environment (plus you must be pretty smart to be visiting this page of course!) Nag them to:

  • Get a water saving shower head
  • Next time a machine breaks get them to replace it with a water efficient one
  • Check for leaky loos! 💯

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