Wonderful water cycle

Ah – the wonderful water cycle. We all know the wheels on the bus go round and round, but so does the water on earth, too!

The wonderful water cycle is perfect for KS2 and is mapped around the national curriculum.

Water cycle: explained

Wonderful Water Cycle worksheet

In fact, the water in your glass right now will one day be swimming in the ocean, falling down a stream or up in the clouds. 

Cloud busting!

So normally we say “get your head out the clouds!” but for this, we ask you do.

Wonderful Water Cycle cloud busting

Where does water come from?


Steam clean water experiment

If you’re a teacher, why not pop a post-it note over the ‘how it works’ section to get them thinking about it!

Water Cycle Steam Clean Experiment
Hot N Cold experiment
Hot n Cold water experiment


  • What difference can be seen between the hot, cold and room temperature cups of water for mixing the colouring?
  • Which has the more dramatic contract – the cold versus the room temperature? Room temperature versus hot? Or hot versus cold?
  • Why do you think there’s a difference in the waters mixing ability purely based on temperature?
  • A good control for this study is to use the same amount of food colouring drops. Can you think of anything else we can control for a good fair experiment?

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