Guide to the workplace

Really useful tips for your first day!

What the guide covers

In our Guide to the Workplace, we’ve put together some really useful tips to set you up for success in the workplace including:

  • Starting as you mean to go on. Some things you’ll want to achieve on your day one and the things you might not have considered (so, what’s the lunch situation?).
  • Being nice. You don’t get to pick your colleagues and they’re now your most important business contacts.
  • Being constructive. It’s not about what you say, it’s how you go about saying it.
  • Being organised. You’ll need to be self-sufficient – remember, there’s no teacher to check up on you at work.
  • Speaking out. Good employees question everything  – how do we do that and why? Spend time with others and don’t be afraid to check if you’re unsure.
  • Being accountable. Take active control of your own to-do list, your learning and development, and – ugh! – when things go wrong!